Reunion, the land of filming, has never lived up to its name so well. At the initiative of the IRT, the young singers of Kids United came to Reunion to make a clip broadcast on social networks and on television. A clip that highlights the exceptional natural heritage of our island.

After 6 month of unprecedented crisis, Reunion Island partners with Kids United and UNICEF for the release of their new title "Sauver le monde" shot in Reunion Island. This project is the result of a partnership carrying the values ​​of sustainable and responsible development as well as the necessary preservation of ecosystems for the youngest generations..

This Tuesday 13 October, the New Generation Kids United unveiled their new music video "Saving the world" entirely shot in Reunion Island. Produced in partnership with UNICEF and IRT, the clip highlights the landscapes and emblematic places of the intense island in order to raise awareness of the issues of climate change, protecting biodiversity and preserving the environment.

Kids United New Generation is a French music group formed by UNICEF in 2015. Composed of children and young adolescents recognized for their universal and unifying messages, it is driven by strong values ​​and is among the most listened to by the youth target. They knew how to conquer children as their parents by their music always full of benevolence, tolerance and respect.


The clip highlights the exceptional natural heritage of Réunion, dont 42% of the territory is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It first aired on the Kids United YouTube channel which has over a billion views and 2.8 million subscribers then on television for twelve weeks on the channels of the M6 ​​group (M6, W9 et M6 Music), co-producer of Kids United New Generation, ensuring high visibility for the destination.

Note that the clip is also relayed on the IRT's digital platforms which account for nearly 720.000 subscribers.

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