The goal of the Vanilla Islands Association is to promote inter-island handsets on an international scale. As on the whole planet, the Covid-19 crisis has impacted its operations and actions. So, a reorientation was put in place to maintain the brand's presence in the minds of its community while continuing to develop awareness.

Among the actions we note from the month of April and in partnership with the World Tourism Organization, various content produced and broadcast on the various channels (website, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). It was about adapting a global campaign locally : #stayhome #traveltomorrow

A contest for the best SEO has also been launched to promote this part of the world in a different way. (

Digital Transformation - Indian Ocean / Africa

This link with digital players continues to grow through participation in the NxSE forum, the theme of which is "Digital Transformation - Indian Ocean / Africa ".

In collaboration with the Réunion region and the Maison de l'Eport, a virtual booth is set up to meet digital players.

Of 28 at 30 October, it will also be an opportunity to promote the vanilla islands and especially the contest for the best SEO and its participants.

For Pascal VIROLEAU, Director of the Vanilla Islands “promoting a region is not just talking about landscapes. It is also, highlight the culture and know-how of its inhabitants. There are at the “tech” level of the assets of which we should be proud”.

Find us in the Hall Région Réunion on

Best SEO SEO in the Vanilla Islands

The Vanilla Islands Association is organizing the contest for the best SEO SEO for the Vanilla Islands for residents of the region.

As part of its promotional action, the Vanilla Islands association is participating in the establishment of inter-island combined. The success of this activity depends on the development of the notoriety of the Vanilla Islands brand and especially on the internet.. A presence in the first pages of search engines on tourist themes is a key success factor. To succeed in being well placed, a certain number of operations must be implemented at the level of the textual content of the pages. Writing around keywords, the relevance of the texts, in short, content optimization is imperative.

This is natural referencing or SEO which improves the position of a web page in search results. This mechanism will improve the visibility and therefore the notoriety of the site by increasing its organic traffic. At the same time, there are many trainings in these techniques in the Indian Ocean. Over the years, a real talent pool has been created. They just want to express themselves.

So, we wish to associate the world of tourism with that of digital by creating a competition for the best SEO SEO in the Vanilla Islands. This competition should make it possible to improve the visibility of the Vanilla Islands by discovering the talents present in the area.

Sharp skills

The islands of the Indian Ocean have advanced skills in the digital world and in SEO in particular. Training centers offer high-level cycles that lead to strong and competitive skills at the global level. This competition will thus participate in revitalizing the sector while allowing us to achieve our objectives.

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