Wanting to surprise once again, Jace changes support and environment and sends his Gouzou to discover rivers, Reunion Island waterfalls and lagoons. For his new exhibition at the Very Yes Gallery, which stands from 8 they still have 19 June 2021 and baptized Galets, the artist has teamed up with photographer Charlotte Boiron, known for her aquatic portraits.

Like the little thumb, Jace in turn is strewing stones all over the island ...

Less than a year after the launch of its application La Kaz a Gouzou, Jace invites us to follow his famous little character in a new universe : the aquatic environment of Réunion.

Jace has therefore produced around twenty works on pebbles and "Japanese steps" in basalt., heavy between 12 and 15 kilos, arranged in rivers, waterfalls and lagoons all over the island.

To immortalize this original project and turn it into a photo exhibition, Jace teamed up with photographer Charlotte Boiron, specialist in aquatic portraits. The result, the “Pebbles” photographic exhibition, can be seen at the Very Yes Gallery in Saint-Pierre, since 8 May, and until 19 June 2021.

An original association, between graffiti and aquatic photography

"When Charlotte Boiron contacted me to present this project to me I found it relevant and original : create a new challenge, for people to wet their swimsuits even more (literally and figuratively !) to go "fishing" for the Gouzou in the aquatic environment ", explains artist Jace.

This original association was imagined by photographer Charlotte Boiron. « At the base of the project, I got closer to Jace to mix the world of graffiti and that of aquatic photography. I mainly do portraits, I take pictures of people in the water. The idea was to replace my usual subjects with the Gouzou by staging them. The result is, I believe, a nice mix of our two worlds. »

On the twenty pebbles, Jace reproduced a Gouzou marked with a central heart that radiates a bright red, in order to make it very recognizable. The message ? Covering the world with love and benevolence towards others while inviting the people of Réunion to discover or rediscover the richness and diversity of the landscapes of our island.

An exhibition that goes off the beaten track and invites us to dive with these two artists into their universe..

About Jace and his famous Gouzou

Jace arrived in Reunion in 1982, he started graffiti at the age of 16 years. He created the gouzou, yellow faceless character, present on the roads of the island for a few years now. He made several frescoes here, like the one seen towards the Saint-Louis river bridge, but also in metropolitan France, or the one in Doctor Raoult's office at the IHU in Marseille or in Chernobyl. The gouzou can be found all over the world, he has already visited forty countries and territories. Since 2003, he devotes himself only to his passion, the painting. Besides his personal career, Jace works to promote international street artists, met during his travels, in his Very Yes Gallery, in Saint-Pierre.

Jace's new exhibition, in association with Charlotte Boiron, photographer and Sami Chalak, director.

This exhibition is visible until 19 June 2021 at the Very YES Gallery. Entry is regulated from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m..