The mayor of Saint-André has just announced the cancellation of the Festival of Lights in order to respect sanitary measures. But some events are still scheduled.

The town hall of Saint-André explains having been informed by the prefecture of the impossibility of holding the Dipavali because of the number of cases of Coronavirus in the town. The municipality deplores having been informed the day before the party.
Completely taken aback, Joé Bedier exclaims: “There are questions that arise !” He says he is very affected and very upset against this prefectural decision.

“We were announced again on Wednesday 11 during the wreath laying ceremony that the Dipavali was still maintained. The harm is less because we have adapted, but we deplore this accompaniment towards failure”, explains the municipality which evokes a manifest lack of consistency between what is authorized or not. SDIS or the police “found no fault with the health protocol presented”, she assures.

A light Dipavali
Because of the sanitary conditions, the cost of this Dipavali was lower compared to previous years, of the order of 80.000 euros for this edition 2020. “The device was very light, very far from the figures committed by the former municipality. It was a will on our part, we went well beyond the recommendations given so as not to crowd people. We have adapted to the recommendations issued by the State to achieve this Dipavali.”
Entertainment will always be in place for the Festival of Lights, specify the municipality :
– The exhibition is relocated to the Lacaussade media library
– Indian tales in FB live in Lacaussade media library / Champ-Borne library
– Mandala and calligraphy workshops in the Lacaussade media library / Champ-Borne library


Photo Pierre Marchal