The reputation of Bourbon vanilla is well established. It has been used by the greatest chefs for a long time in their gastronomic preparations, whether for desserts or refined dishes.. Recently, Louis Leichnig of Ti Planterre de Saint-Philippe demonstrated to the chef Philippe Etchebest all the qualities and flavors of this unique orchid in the world in the show Top Chef objective on 6Play. The opportunity to highlight the excellence of Reunionese production.

The spice cultivated manually on the lands of the wild south by producer Louis Leichnig has been honored by chef Philippe Etchebest.

She “is so good that we make cuvées like wine”. Chef Philippe Etchebest is full of praise for Reunion Island vanilla. The spice produced by Louis Leichnig of Ti Planterre was the star of the program Objectif Top Chef in which the candidates were given the mission of revisiting the floating island.

A vanilla “exceptional” cultivated in St-Philippe in organic farming, said the producer in front of the chef. “Everything is done manually. We are patient to have a really top product”, explained Louis Leichnig.

The Saint-Philippois producer made the trip with different maturing samples including the famous frosted vanilla. IGP labeled products (protected Geographical Indication) Vanilla Reunion Island.