The leaf blades on mountaintops, Reunion Island is both a jewel and its setting. What could be better than taking a little height to admire the beauty of such a set ? Embark with us for a helicopter flight. guaranteed thrills.

Mardi : the grave confirmation. See you tomorrow, Wednesday at 7:30 for takeoff 8 o'clock sharp from the base Corail Helicopters of St. Giles.

H -30 mn

On the spot, a dozen people waiting patiently the fateful hour enjoying the Theou coffee that was offered. A couple even arrived in a vehicle Corail Helicopters and joined the group comfortably on the terrace, just meters from the iron bird that we take a ride in the air.

A hostess approach and called the group Bravo for briefing : we will fly aboard an H 130, a six-seat panoramic camera with which the company has been equipped for some time : two seats in front and raised four seats in the rear, with an exceptionally wide glass for maximum visibility. We will all be equipped with headphones in order to hear the comments of the pilot.

We stopped a few minutes by landing a helicopter : our predecessors back to ride smiling, sparks in the eyes. And one last selfie before the chopper, " for the road " !

The hostess ended his presentation by inviting us to warn the pilot if you do not feel well, so that it adjusts its flight.

A group of friends, foreign tourists, a young couple from Reunion ... Here, the weather is good, the sky is blue and all are eager to embark.

A man in a white uniform and sunglasses, rider and smiling, is approaching : is Mickaël, our pilot. Point weather : only two circuses are visible to their current. If one of Salazie discovered during flight, we can fly over. Mickaël bother to clarify that one can postpone his flight if desired, and that the rate will be adapted to route flown. But all as excited as each other, we stick to the plan !

We are six to board the helicopter. Mickaël redone us a quick briefing punctuated with a few touches of humor, while we sit in the cockpit. Everyone is harnessed and helmeted : Let's go ! The engine starts up, then the rotor and blades. Each rule the air.

La Réunion in Ler !

The 3 tons of our helicopter snapped ground without effortapparent. Our eyes are hopelessly attracted to the lagoon that we see in a few seconds. Admittedly, the device offers excellent views, even from the back ! Mickaël recounts the island and its beauties. The landscape is green and majestic, rich and precise comments : geography, the story, botany ... everything is !

We are already at 2 000 m above sea level and we are about to cross the Piton Maïdo, this unmissable and spectacular view of Mafate. Then we fly over Mafate. Roche Plate, Grand Place, Îlet à Malheur, The new,Marla ... our driver recites the names of islets, these isolated villages, while specifying their characteristics : the lowest, the highest, the most populated. After the rains of the last days, waterfalls and rivers are waterlogged, making it more wilderness even. Let's not forget that Mafate has no roads and is only accessible on foot ... or by helicopter !

We pass the Col du Taïbit alongside the clouds and is now Cilaos that opens us, more populated. The city of Cilaos we appear perfectly clear, with its white church and blue. Then the road that winds up string Islet on one side and the village of Bras Sec another. Basically, the south coast looms, whose remarkable black sand beach Pond-Salted, and soon the West Coast.

We fly over the lagoon now, for an unobstructed view of the coral reef, Pass the Hermitage, beaches still empty at this hour ... Mickaël explains how, during the season, we can see the whales from the helicopter (June-September about, Editor's note). What make us want to return in a few months !

"Oh time.", suspends ton vol », we think internally : the helipad is already in sight, time goes decidedly too fast in the air !

A last look at the lagoon, one last look at the lush mountain and we begin our descent. We land softly after 25 minutes of a magical flight. And already with the desire to go back to a trip to the volcano and plunging into the depths of the Iron Hole ...


For all tastes

Corail Helicopters has been 15 years and offers tourist flights to La Reunion to Mauritius. And there is something for everyone and every budget, the small tower of Mafate or Cilaos 15 mn (95 €) Excellency the circuit that takes you to the heart of the waterfalls as the summit of the volcano during a tour 55 mn (320 €).

For each circuit, Corail Helicopters also offers eco tariff from Saint-Pierre.

Without forgetting the special tours : for a picnic lunch in the picturesque setting of the Bras de la Plaine, a comfortable return after your hike to Mafate or Grand Bassin, an exclusive tower including a fine lunch in the larger establishments Reunion, live the unforgettable experience of flying over a rash of day, make your marriage proposal a memorable moment or organize your customized private flight ...


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