Discover “Reunion Island Slow Motion”, the book that allows you to view 12 films on Reunion Island are in bookstores since Tuesday.

During this period of confinement, Serge Marizy and Lionel Ghighi have produced several photo and video reports of "Reunion in slow motion". They practically covered the whole island in confined mode in a Drone, thus having a superb collection of photos of Reunion Island seen from the sky… Saint-Denis, Saint Pierre, Buffer, Saint-Gilles, ownership, St.Paul, Salazie, Cilaos ... This is a book about this very special period when Reunion Island looks like a sleeping island. Serge Marizy and Lionel Ghighi produced during the confinement period Drone videos for TV broadcast on Réunion la 1ère and also Drone photos of a large part of Réunion, including Salazie, Cilaos, Mafate for humanitarian and Gendarmerie mission in Helicopter, including the last Volcanic eruption

“Reunion in slow motion” highlights our island with breathtaking photographs. The book edited by Orphie Réunion is based on the shots of Serge Marizy and Lionel Ghighi but also on the texts of Sylvie Chaussée Hostein. Everything is orchestrated by James Caratini, publication director.

Ce livre en réalité augmentée permet aussi de visionner 12 vidéos filmées par un drone que vous pourrez regarder sur smartphone et tablette. Images shot during confinement and that you have regularly seen on Zinfos974 during the months of March and April.

Serge Marizy is also making a 52 'documentary for broadcast on Réunion la 1ère in collaboration with the Préfecture Réunion, Reunion region, and Department of Réunion. « De ce fait j’ai eu accès à tout les service de l’état (Gendarmerie, Police, Airport platform, Hospital, Hotel screening, Prefecture meetings and various interventions by the Prefect, etc.…) in short, many places where Reunionese journalists and photographers have not had access ! et m’ont permis de réaliser des clichés insolites » concludes the cameraman director.

Reunion Island Slow Motion

Author: S.C-Hostein,S.Marizy,L.Ghighi

19,00 € TTC