The cultural and artistic sector is one of the sectors most strongly affected by the health crisis. This situation, which started in March, led to the almost total shutdown of activities and a very difficult recovery. Beyond regional mechanisms to support the sector, the artists, diffusers, the community was keen to maintain both the aid but also the programming while voting on specific aid.

Maintenance of financial support for associations and artists
In this period of health crisis, the community continued its policy of supporting artists. The continuity of public service has been ensured, even during the confinement period, in order to allow associations to benefit from financial assistance at the same level as in 2019.

Help for creation and distribution rooms
In this context of health crisis, maintaining the level of public funding for venues and places of creation and presentation is essential to allow everyone to access the cultural offer.

Continuation of CRR event activities
The Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional continues its activities as a leader in artistic education and ensures that it offers, in compliance with health rules, and after the Beethoven show, a rich and varied program.

Regional museums : containment and reopening
During confinement, the teams have carried out in each establishment the necessary arrangements to comply with health protection measures, to ensure a serene and pleasant visit. And for security reasons too, wearing a mask is compulsory in museums from 11 years.
Since the sites reopened on 2 last june, Reunion Islanders were able to once again discover or rediscover the treasures of our common heritage, both historical, scientist, natural and cultural. Gradually, the scientific and cultural teams of the museums have resumed their activities in order to offer the public a diversified and enriching offer. The days of sea turtles in Kélonia, European Heritage Days, astronomical evenings, holiday workshops, night of the Museums ...

Measures “special Covid”
Following the introduction of containment and deconfinement measures, almost all economic sectors were operating in slow motion. This was particularly the case with La filière culturelle, to face this situation, the state and local communities have put in place emergency economic aid systems. However, the amounts allocated remained very limited in view of the operating losses recorded and to come. In this context, the community has adapted publication support for the year 2020, to make them more accessible to publishers and to help restart the local publishing industry.
– help with the publication of books and reviews- Book sector
– modification of aid to local independent bookstores
– Maintaining regional events to support artists : the village maloya, Somen Kréol, Guétali, regional stages 2020.

Photos Pierre Marchal