Inaugurated on 23 September 2019, La Cabane, Tea Room, shop and restaurant, offers on a plateau the ideal place to go green. Located in Saint-Denis, ecology and handmade are put in the spotlight.

After 15 years of reflection, to carefully work out the smallest details of their project, Fanny Tassaert takes to the stove when she arrives in Réunion and brings it to life. It was during a trip to the Alps, accompanied by her parents, let the idea germinate in her. Inspired and charmed to discover a tearoom / boutique, she sets the goal, for a day, set up your own business like this one. In May 2019, the young lady, aged 32 years, find his local, reminding him of London cafes and opens its doors a few months later, in September.

A journey through space and time

Dreaming of an intimate place, where his clients would come and relax to a sixties-style sound background, to Aretha Franklin, Fanny creates a warm and hand-sewn cabin. Furniture, flea market in Lyon or made with the help of a companion from recovered pallet wood or shutters, inspirations drawn from right to left during her travels in America and across Europe, notebook in hand, fishing for ideas, she meticulously builds every element. For the manager of the premises, the pallet wood wall and the showcase corner of the room where the key pieces of its decoration are located : the bike on the ceiling, domed in rose gold, as a floor lamp, as well as the swing bench, particularly close to his heart, represent the icing on the cake.

Zero waste is the key word

In an ecological approach, La Cabane only uses cloth towels and hand towels and offers a reduction to customers who come to collect their meals and drinks to take away with their own containers. The Salon is supplied by O’Thé Reunion its entire range of teas and infusions, is in collaboration with various local eco-responsible artisans, whose creations are exhibited there. As for the works of Cutting and decoration, which we can see some lamps in the decor, some of its partnerships are an integral part of the layout of the premises. The dishes used on site, like the dessert dishes made from the La Cabane logo, coming from home Isacréa, is also on sale there. Many recycled leather jewelry and accessories from leather goods Goshia, or in a recycled inner tube, from home The crazy little ones, can be found in the shop section, as well as various bags, bags and pouches in vegetable leather from home Les P’tits Pap’s. La Cabane also presents various products of the Reunionese artisanal soap factory Ti soap pei, such as various balms and soaps made from vegetable oils.

A cuisine with little onions

The restaurant offers a lunch service, on the spot, to take away or delivery. Dishes made up of ninety-five percent fresh produce. Every morning, Fanny goes to the small market to choose her fruits and vegetables and gets as much organic bulk products as possible. From dishes to pastries served, everything is homemade. The menu, always including a vegetarian option, consisting of a hot dish, such as lasagna, parmentier, pie, mixed plate and a cold dish, like Buddha bowl and Poke bowl made from bulgur wheat, quinoa, potato or chickpea salad, as well as fresh juices and iced infusions, change every two days. Listening to the customer, some proposals are sometimes added to the menu. The dishes not to be missed, according to the boss, are their lasagna, their soups and their best-of : dakatine cookies. Dalons beers from the Reunion Island craft brewery are sold there. La Cabane also has a catering service for receptions until 25 people.

In the future, Fanny wishes to develop the catering part with an additional space specially dedicated for this purpose. Brunches previously taking place every Saturday, have been on standby since the new health measures put in place to deal with the spread of Covid-19, but will soon resume with a sweet / savory buffet representative of the dishes presented every week. The selection of wines goes towards an exclusively natural or organic range, with a view to a partnership planned soon with Amber Wines.

The cabin
5 rue Victor Mac Auliffe
0692 43 97 78

Texte Célia MUSSARD
Photos Pierre MARCHAL