Kelly Rangama, who had already distinguished herself by raising Reunion cuisine to the top of gastronomy, renews this year by keeping its star for its restaurant Le Faham where the chef excels in culinary art by marrying spices and flavors from Reunion in a reinvented cuisine.

Reunionese chef Kelly Rangama retains her Michelin star, always placing traditional cuisine at the top of French gastronomy.

Every champion will confirm it : the hardest part isn't winning a title, but good to keep it. Nothing to scare Kelly Rangama who has remained consistent in excellence, allowing him to keep his Michelin star acquired last year.
The chef shared the good news on her Facebook page where she is posting with her husband, the pastry chef Jérôme Devreese. Good news for her after a difficult year for all restaurateurs in France.

Kelly Rangama became the first chef from Réunion to obtain this prestigious distinction. She got her first star in 2020, one year after opening his restaurant Le Faham, located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

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