L’équipe de « La Terre au Carré » de Giv Anquetil est actuellement à la Réunion pour réaliser une série de reportages pour France Inter. Walking the trails of the island, but also the air and the sea, the small team set sail this week with James Caratini and Jean-Marc Gancillon from the Globice association to meet humpback whales and dolphins.

Last episode of the series of reports in Reunion, Sea side. After the shark hunt, encounter with another marine animal that, him on the other hand, ceased to be hunted. Result : the humpback whale is back in Reunionese waters.

Communicators call it a feelgood story, a positive story. De celles qui nous donnent envie de continuer à penser que –oui- we can change things. Because after a century of massacres, now that they are protected from human predation by a series of conventions (over the years 80-90), the humpback whales finally returned to cross in Reunionese waters. With each time new calves. The first were spotted around the year 2000.

Around 2005, a dozen were identified. And since, an average of a hundred humpback whales can be observed each year when they pass, between June and October. Last week we saw them again. So much so that cetacean defenders are now worried about the risks of the real tourist boom that their return has caused.

So there is a “responsible approach and observation charter” and even an association (Cetacean quietude), who patrols to temper the ardor of certain amateurs after having chased them to chop them to pieces, men chase whales to take pictures.

We embark with James Caratini, renowned video photographer and Jean-Marc Gancillon from the Globice association, NGO dedicated to the knowledge and conservation of cetaceans in Réunion.

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