"Born of a fall is better to die".

Following a motion boundary addressed in 1736 Superior of Bourbon Island Council frnçois Garnier and Co., Joseph Hosts, son Augustine Panon is charged by the governor to measure and limit the course which is the intersection of two gullies also tributaries of the River Roches. Joseph Panon there had a fall and broke his arm at the edge of one of these gullies. The latter was then called the Arm Panon. Bras-Panon, was the name qu'hérita the new town created the 24 February 1882, signed by a decree of the President of the Republic, Jules GREVY. At that time, the city then counted 2 587 inhabitants.

Today, the strength of its few 11 000 citizens, Bras-Panon is enorgeuille to be a garden city, the leaf blades on mountaintops.

From year to year, the city modernized, by equipping new environmentally conscious structures, while maintaining a rural character that makes its charm.

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  • Pays : France
  • Department : The meeting
  • Surface : 88,55 km2
  • Population : 12 298. (2012)
  • Name of inhabitants : Panonnais
  • Code postal : 97412
  • Change : Euros

Bras Panon Tourist Office:

  • 21, route Nationale 2 97412 Bras-Panon
  • Tel : 0262 23 98 36
  • Email :
  • Web :

Explore the city

To discover

The dog's waterfall

On Belvedere Road Eden, you will find the dog of Cascade…

Rushing to an impressive height, this waterfall offers a serene landscape and quiet, lined with a rich primary forest. From the first view (that indicated from the road), you can discover the waterfall. A little further, some improvised parking areas used to assess the height of the fall. This site offers a charming seasoned ride, gaiety and serenity with its beautiful green landscapes.

Basin Peace

Peace Basin offers walkers a beautiful waterfall in the middle of an organ balsatique

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Basin Peace invites meditation. Location enjoyed aquatic hikers, Tourists can admire the different basins leading to the waterfall from the bridge that spans the.

Pro vanilla

Pro vanilla, is installed on the site of the former cooperative vanilla, and offers tourists and Reunion to discover this pod so refined… Pro Vanilla is on the RN2, Paul Moreau after the stage.

Tourists and Reunion here can have access to the secrets of this orchid that delights the palates.

Planters Pro vanilla offer tours from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12H and 14H to 17H. Departure every three-quarter hour.

Prices : 5€, free for children under 10 years.

Pro vanilla, 21 route nationale 2.

0262 51 71 02.

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The Rivière des Roches site

La Rivière des Roches is a pleasant site, playful presenting waterfalls higher or lower.

La Rivière des Roches is one of the most capricious river of the meeting because of heavy rain poured into the sector.

At the mouth of this river, picnic lovers, find a nice place sheltered by the vacoas and pandanus.

River Rocks is the place for lovers of bichiques, celebrated every year in October.

Le bervedere de L'eden

Located in the heights of the mast of the River, the Eden lookout site overlooking the sugarcane plain and offers panoramic views of the windward coast

The road up to the Eden pass near the waterfall dog then continues with a track to the car park. A path leads the walker through the guava to Eden.

This easy hike starts on a forest track that allows an overview of the forest Arm of Vines.

The arrival on the site presentation is announced by a panel Garden Tea. The Belvedere is an ideal place for picnics with an area laid.

Discover also

  • Church of St. John the Baptist
  • Old police station
  • Basin Peace Sea Basin
  • Cooperative vanilla
  • Fountain Bras-Panon
  • Oratory of Our Lady of Lourdes



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