Conditions générales d’utilisation Paradise Island Réunion

Paradise Island Réunion est une centrale de réservation, Guide and view multi-service dedicated to Tourism in Réunion provides its users with information about the different types of accommodation (such as hotels, guest rooms, gîtes, etc), destinations, services related to living and information about restaurants, Bars, nightclubs, Water activities, air, earthly, Location 2 and 4 wheels, Handcrafts, Shopping, Welfare….

1. Range of services

1.1. These terms remain subject to occasional revisions, they apply to all our services directly or indirectly supplied (ex : through third) trough Internet, mobile device, email or phone.

1.2. En utilisant notre site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions and privacy policy, which includes the use of cookies.

2. And Services Contract

2.1. On site Paradise Island Meeting, you have the opportunity to compare services, see reviews, to book hotels, Restaurants, Bars, nightclubs, Water activities, air, earthly, Location 2 and 4 wheels, Handcrafts, Shopping et services liés à un séjour sans paiement en ligne.

2.2. In addition, for some institutions, users have the option to book the facility they have chosen through a direct link to the website. Consequently, the reservation will be directly on the reservation site and not on the site of Paradise Island Meeting.

2.3. Paradise Island Réunion agis seulement comme un agent fournissant des informations à la réservation d’un Hôtel, a circuit, a travel, a Car Rental, Quad, Motorcycle, a Restaurant, of a Bar, a Disco, of Water Activities, air, earthly, d’Artisanats, Shopping et services liés à un séjour ou à la connexion technique avec le site de réservation d’un tiers.

In making their reservation on the third Web site, users agree to be bound by the terms of this booking site. These conditions can be found on the third website.

Once the reservation is made on the third Web site, a contract is concluded between the website and the user, therefore no contract is concluded between the user and Paradise Island Meeting.

Paradise Island Meeting does not in any way part of the reservation contract and all claims of the reservation-related user are to argue with third (the booking site) and not from Paradise Island Meeting.

2.3. This agreement is not affected by any of the other agreements between the institution and users.

3. Paradise Island Community Meeting.

3.1. Users have the opportunity to join the community Paradise Island Meeting (hereinafter called the 'Community'). By registering on the platform, users can publish content from individual initiatives and actively participate in the development of the platform through the community and administrative functions. Non-registered users can read the contents of Paradise Island Meeting.

3.2. A user can not register multiple times on the Community. User is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of personal information. User data changes are made immediately by the profile update.

3.3. The user is responsible for the confidentiality of his account user information, particularly his password. It is also responsible for the use of his account in relation to Paradise Island Meeting and third parties. Users should never disclose such data for use by third parties.

3.4. En cas d’utilisation non autorisée des services Paradise Island Réunion par toute personne non associée à son compte personnel, the registered user must immediately inform Paradise Island Meeting.

4. confidentiality, Advertisements email

4.1. The protection of personal data provided by the user is the main priority of Paradise Island Meeting. As such, Paradise Island Reunion done everything possible to ensure compliance with data protection. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

4.2. Paradise Island Reunion collection, processes and uses personal data (hereafter called "Data") only after obtaining your consent, or if a statutory provision allows collection, processing or use of your data.

4.3. Paradise Island Meeting together, processes and uses only the data necessary for the provision of services provided by Paradise Island Meeting, the use and operation of websites, applications and services offered.

4.4. Si l´utilisateur a accepté de recevoir des informations sur Paradise Island Réunion lors de son inscription sur la Communauté ou de toute autre action liée aux services de Paradise Island Réunion, the user is likely to receive occasional information about our products. The consent may be revoked at any time by written notice or by email. The agreement to receive emails is effective when the confirmation email is sent to Paradise Island Meeting. By clicking on the link in the email, you will be registered to the newsletter.

5. User obligations

5.1. The user is responsible for the acquisition of rights to content (text, photos, view, liens, etc.) qu’il fournis à Paradise Island Réunion. He must ensure that he has all rights to the content they publish on the Paradise Island Meeting platform and so it will not infringe the rights of any third party.

5.2. The user guarantees not to use the services of Paradise Island Meeting to create content that :

– is actually a disguised publicity notice,
– does not contain content related to the subject of the notice,
– is biased or intentionally erroneous,
– is immoral, pornographic or otherwise offensive,
– violates the rights of third parties, especially copyrights,
– violated the laws or regulations, what constitutes a criminal act,
– contains viruses or programs that may damage software or hardware or that may affect the use of computers,
– is actually an investigation or chain letters,
– aims to collect or use personal data of other users, especially for commercial purposes.

5.3. The user guarantees not to use programs or functions to create content or automatically garner views on Paradise Island Meeting.

5.4. In case of violation of the terms and conditions, Paradise Island Réunion se réserve le droit de supprimer du contenu sans déclaration de motif, to block the payments due as a result of activities on Paradise Island Community Meeting and to banish the member of the platform Paradise Island Meeting. The right of prosecution of criminal acts remains intact.

6. Termination

6.1. Paradise Island Réunion se réserve le droit de résilier l’accès d´un membre et de supprimer son compte dans un délai d’une semaine après la réception des informations faisant état d’une utilisation inappropriée du site Web. The user can also terminate its own access and its account within the same period.

The immediate termination right for cause remains intact.

7. Responsibility

7.1.Paradise Island Réunion n’ai pas responsable de l’exactitude, the quality, the completeness, reliability or credibility of the content provided by users or institutions sites. specifically, Paradise Island Réunion ne fournie aucune directive ou information concernant le choix des établissements.

7.2. Tous les accords résultants de ce service sont établis entre l’utilisateur de Paradise Island Réunion et le site de réservation externe. In particular, Paradise Island Meeting will act at any time in Quality booking website with online payment. Only the terms and conditions of the settlement site in question apply, and especially those concerning the rights of cancellation and refund. For questions regarding the processing of reservations , the appropriate contact is the booking site. Paradise Island Réunion reste un acteur externe à de tels accords, contractual provisions and claims between the external booking site contractor and user Paradise Island Meeting.

7.3. In particular, hyperlinks, banners, information on establishments, travel destinations, suppliers or other similar information provided by the booking sites or community members play in no case the role of the recommendations or information from Paradise Island Meeting. For technical reasons, the prices update (provided by the booking sites) is not done in real time. It is therefore possible that the rate shown on the booking site does not match the rate specified on pages Paradise Island Meeting. Paradise Island Reunion do not guarantee the accuracy of information, including rates and availability.

7.4. Paradise Island Réunion ne sont pas responsable des dysfonctionnements techniques qui n’entrent pas dans la sphère de responsabilité de Paradise Island Réunion ou en cas de dommages causés par des évènements de force majeure. Paradise Island Réunion ne garantie pas la disponibilité ininterrompue des données et peut procéder à des opérations de maintenance technique au cours d’une période définie.

8. Modification of Terms

Current terms and conditions apply in any use of the platform Paradise Island Meeting. Registered users will receive an email notification indicating any changes. They can download and print the terms and conditions on their workstation.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Les lois de La Réunion s´appliquent. For companies or individuals that do not have jurisdiction in their country, St Denis 974 is the place of jurisdiction. Other, legal jurisdiction applies.

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