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Housed in Reunion for over thirty years, Pierre Marchal has worked for several national newspapers. After serving eleven years as a journalist at Daily Reunion, then founded a photographic agency MozaikImages grouping 95 authors in the Indian Ocean but also in Japan and Australia, Pierre Marchal opted in 2005 for a freelance activity allowing him to devote himself to his favorite subject : human being. Now head of the sports magazine Gadiamb, Quarterly Paradise Island tourism-oriented magazine is a new editorial challenge.

The Gouzou in the water

Wanting to surprise once again, Jace change de support et de milieu et envoie son Gouzou à la
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The Garden of Eden, the other paradise

Created in 1991, the Garden of Eden is celebrating its 30 years. Located at the Hermitage, ce haut lieu écologique propose
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Activities at the Saint-Paul pond in April

Discover the entertainment program offered at the Saint-Paul Pond National Nature Reserve during the month of April ! For…
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5 medals for Isautier rums in London

In full international development, Maison Isautier participated in the Spirit Business Rum & Cachaça Masters 2021 in London. Il
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Savane workshops for the month of March

Discover without further delay the entire schedule of the Savane workshops for this month of March ! Plusieurs activités seront proposées
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5 stars for the Diana Dea lodge

End 2020, le Diana Dea Lodge a décroché sa cinquième étoile et entre dans le club très fermé des établissements
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