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Housed in Reunion for over thirty years, Pierre Marchal has worked for several national newspapers. After serving eleven years as a journalist at Daily Reunion, then founded a photographic agency MozaikImages grouping 95 authors in the Indian Ocean but also in Japan and Australia, Pierre Marchal opted in 2005 for a freelance activity allowing him to devote himself to his favorite subject : human being. Now head of the sports magazine Gadiamb, Quarterly Paradise Island tourism-oriented magazine is a new editorial challenge.

Activities at the Etang Saint-Paul

On foot or by bike, in visit or in workshop, there are still at the Saint-Paul Pond, un moyen pour
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LUX Grand Baie Resort & Residences

LUX * Resorts' new iconic hotel & Hotels offrira aux voyageurs modernes et exigeants une approche sophistiquée de la
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The Archipelago Journal, for a new economic deal

With Mauritius and Madagascar, the Journal des Archipels has just arrived in Reunion. Ce nouveau média est développé par Jacques
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For a lifting of compelling reasons

The President of the Region Didier ROBERT held a meeting at the Inverted Pyramid and by videoconference, les acteurs du
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Cultural program in Saint-Benoît

You will find below the various upcoming events for the months of June and July, prévus au Théâtre des Bambous
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The Etang Reserve photo competition is back

La Réserve Naturelle Nationale de l’Étang Saint-Paul et ses partenaires organisent la troisième édition du concours photos sur les zones
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